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Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

Stop Yo-Yo dieting and start LIVING! Our program helps you build sustainable healthy habits and have food freedom!

Fit 3D Body Scanning

Most accurate tracking for measurements and body composition.

Online Program


Our signature LIVE WELL Program offers education, guidance, LIVE Coaching and community support with a convenient online program that helps you learn how to 



At Weigh4Life, our mission is to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy by learning a new way for life!

We EDUCATE, We MOTIVATE, & EMPOWER you to take control of your health!

At Weigh4Life, our mission is to provide quality health and wellness coaching to empower clients to make healthier choices and habits. Through education, support and guidance, we work alongside our clients to help them achieve their wellness goals and help them work smarter, not harder! Our coaching program guides clients to learn and develop sustainable daily healthy lifestyle habits that will last far into the future which makes Staying healthy much easier. If we want to have FOOD FREEDOM and get off the yo-you dieting cycle, we MUST focus on building healthy and sustainable habits and learn more about how our body works. We need to stop being weight focused and more health focused. There is no end to wellness- we want to be healthy for LIFE not just while we are losing weight. We focus on working together on improving sleep, stress, movement, nutrition and so much more! Your goals are our goals. We are here to help you work through the struggles and celebrate with your victories with tools and resources you need to succeed. Together we will build a healthier and stronger YOU!

Our unique LIVE WELL Program offers

* Education (knowledge is power) 
* LIVE Coaching
(support and accountability)
* Resource Library (tools and resources)
* BETTER app food and lifestyle tracker (monitor and measure your results)
* Community Private Group Chat (stay motivated together)
* Strategy and Follow Up Calls (discuss your personal stuff privately!)

MEET Katie

After struggling with weight issues most of her life, Katie found a new way that literally changed her life! After losing 54 pounds in 4 months, Katie was inspired and motivate to help others in their journey to better healthy. After spending 15 years as a licensed nurse, Katie opened Weigh4Life in 2011 and has help thousands of clients lose weight. Katie's mission is to help clients find FOOD FREEDOM and jump off the yo-yo dieting cycle and truly learn a new way for life that helps them StayWell!
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Certified Health Coach


Choose our LIVE WELL Coaching Program or Private Coaching with Katie

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3D Body Composition Monitoring

Monitor, track and visualize your progress in 3D


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Wellness Partnerships

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