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At Weigh4Life, our mission is to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy by learning a new way for life!

We EDUCATE, We MOTIVATE, & EMPOWER you to take control of your health!

At Weigh4Life, our mission is to provide quality health and wellness coaching to empower clients to make healthier choices and habits. Through education, support and guidance, we work alongside our members to help them achieve their wellness goals and help them work smarter, not harder! Our experienced coaches guide members to learn and develop sustainable daily healthy lifestyle habits that will last far into the future which makes Staying healthy much easier. This isn't simply about losing weight. Our approach is client driven but your coach is on your side and walking with you every step of the way. There is no end to wellness because it's something each of us want to keep- for life!  We help you work on the important pieces to wellness that include moving better, improving sleep, stress reduction and self-care! Your goals are our goals! We are here for you in the struggles and the victories with tools and resources you need to succeed. Together we will build a healthier and stronger community, one client at a time.


Meet our coaches and staff, and learn how having a coach can help to improve your success rate with your personalized program! Our diverse coaching staff means that we've got a coach who is the perfect fit for your needs. Choose in clinic or virtual appointments or a combination to receive support, guidance, accountability and resources to help you achieve your goals faster!
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Steps to
GET Healthy and STAY Healthy



Our GetWell Plan is where most members begin. Regaining their health through learning healthy eating and building better lifestyle habits, members use a combination of whole proteins, fruits and vegetables along with high-quality meal replacements to not only look better but more importantly feel better! Many clients notice a significant improvement in their overall health and can work with their physician on reducing medications. Many clients report a reduction in blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol and inflammation/chronic pain!

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Once you are happy with how you feel and have achieved your initial goal of a healthy weight, your coach will walk you through slowly adding back in more and more food options to build your maintenance plan. This process is just a few weeks and is an exciting time to try new things and see how your body responds. Many clients learn alot about how their body resopnds and which foods it likes and dislikes!

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Our StayWell plan is a long term lifestle plan that helps you keep the weight off without dieting! No calorie counting or point tracking. By this stage, clients have learned the key principles to manage their weight without calorie counting, point tracking and without the need for multiple meal replacements daily. Your coach wil lcontinue to support you in weight management with education and resources to empower you to maintain your health! Congratulations on learning a new Weigh 4 Life! 

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One-to-One In Clinic or Virtual Coaching 

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Losing Weight is Just the Beginning!

If you're ready to get started on your weight loss and health journey, let's get started now! Our team is waiting to help you build a personalized and successful weight loss plan to jump start your healthy lifestyle.

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