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Are you searching for a weight loss solution that helps you reach your target weight rapidly with the safety and effectiveness of a time tested, physician designed protocol? Are you ready to see rapid, substantial and repeatable results week after week? At Weigh4Life, we want you to know there’s a new and safe way to finally have victory over your weight struggles and truly live the life you want to live. Please take a moment to check out our mission to tackle obesity and help change the lives of people in our community!

What is Ideal Protein?

Physicians, medical professionals and dieters alike recommend this time tested lifestyle protocol to their friends and patients because they know it works. Physicians recommend Ideal Protein because of its unique qualities:

Provides weekly one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education and guidance

Structured weight loss protocol with a simple eating plan

Personalized approach to setting weight loss goals, based on your health profile

Implements lifestyle change and not just food restriction

No counting points, carbs or calories

Helps improve health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, triglycerides, and sleep disorders

Only offered at authorized medically supervised clinic locations

Focuses on protecting lean muscle mass while primarily losing fat

Decreases hunger and cravings

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Why Weigh4Life?

With Ideal Protein becoming a popular choice among physicians and other medically supervised venues, we know there are many offices to choose from. Many practitioners that offer the Ideal Protein method have to split their time, training, energy and resources with their regular practice clients and their dieters. That is simply not the case at Weigh4Life. Your success is our specialty and our number one goal.

  • Free-standing nurse-run clinic
  • Private, one-on-one personalized coaching and professional service
  • No long waits in a crowded doctor’s office with their sick patients
  • No pressure to purchase an additional service unrelated to Ideal Protein
  • Regular communication with physicians
  • All coaches have successfully completed Ideal Protein
  • All coaches are directly trained by Ideal Protein
  • Our licensed nurse reviews every client profile before and during the protocol
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I have been overweight most of my adult life off and on. I had tried multiple diets with success but was never able to keep the weight off. I realized that I was hungry all the time. I never learned how to eat right just counting calories. I knew that I was eating the wrong foods which led to cravings and increased my hunger so I would eventually fail and put back on all the pounds that I had lost. I would give up. Then I found Ideal Protein through Weigh4life. I learned how to eat right and what foods led to my cravings. I learned a whole new relationship with food. I lost 40 pounds and entered into the new Ideal Lifestyle Maintenance program. I am coming up on a year since I started maintenance and I have kept the weight off!!! That is the longest that I have ever been able to maintain and I know it is because of the principles that I learned through Weigh4life. I feel great mentally and physically. I encourage anyone thinking about trying IP to JUST DO IT!!! This is the best and easiest weight loss program that I have ever been on and IT WORKS!!!”
My personal experience with you program has been wonderful. I have been on your program for 10 weeks now. I need to share with you my appreciation for making me a healthier person not only outside but on the inside as well. I haven’t been this size in 20 years. My most important issue was my cholesterol. It has been in the high range for at least 20 years. Cholesterol at a range of 230/24 and my triglycerides were right around the 300 range. Eight weeks on Ideal Protein I got some really great results from my doctor. Cholesterol at 154 and Triglycerides at 65. I was reluctant to take medication for this and I am glad that I put that off and tried changing my diet instead. My future looks a lot brighter thanks to Weigh4life and your wonderful staff. Some great support is all we needed. Thanks Weigh4life!!!
I absolutely “shout” accolades to GOD for providing Weigh4life in my “life’s path” to help me. It gave me HOPE, when there was none, that I could actually have the body weight and easier movement I was looking for, especially now since I am 71 years old. I had tried so many different diets (Weight Watchers, Optifast) and was successful in losing weight but never kept it off. I lead a very active and busy life and when I started this program I found that it was “good”, it was “steady” and it “fit” my busy life. It gave me “hope” that I could follow it and keep my weight at a normal level. I was able to lose 65 pounds and keep it off through the principles that I learned at Weigh4life and the “dear ones” there that have supported me through my continued journey to a new lifestyle. I was able to stop taking 2 of my medications and 3 other medications were cut it half!!! I thank Weigh4life for your medically sound system and I especially thank my coach Veronique for your steadfast guidance and your continued care and support. I continue to be blessed!!!
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