Does your diet interfere with your social life? It doesn’t have to! Let us help you find a balance between your Ideal Protein protocol and dining out with friends. Keep in mind, the early phases of Idea Protein are tough, BUT temporary. With that said, let’s explore some ways to stay on track when heading out to your favorite restaurant or cafe. Here are our top Ideal Protein eating out tips:

Call ahead. Hopefully, you will know in advance where you will be eating; be sure to review the menu online. Confirm they allow special requests. If you don’t see it on the website, give them a call and ask.   Before you call, prepare a list of questions like: are your entrees grilled or baked and how do you prepare the side dish vegetables?

Bring your sea salt and salad dressing. There is always the fall back meal: salad. If nothing else on the menu works, request a naked salad and use your own IP-friendly salad dressing. With a dash of sea salt, you’re all set for a meal that doesn’t leave you looking sad and hungry.

Drink plenty of water. Start and finish the meal with a glass of water. It will help you feel full which means you will be happy, not hungry.

Ask for extra lemon slices. Does the meal taste bland? Add a little fresh lemon to the salad or entree for a boost of flavor. With a long list of benefits, lemons boost the immune system with a blast of Vitamin C.

End the evening with a snack at home. Hang out with friends over another glass of water and then call it a night. When you get home, enjoy an IP-friendly snack – you’ve earned it.

Remember, dieting doesn’t have to dampen dinner plans, it just modifies them slightly! With a committed discipline and mindset, this will be the first of many outings. Do you have more Ideal Protein eating out tips? Share them with us in the comments below! Have questions about the diet? Contact your coach or stop by our clinics!