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At Weigh4Life, we believe wellness is not a destination but a journey. Many clients who first walk through our door need to regain their health. Through a combination of high quality meal replacements and whole foods, we help clients learn a new way of living that will help them burn fat while sparing muscle. Our program offers the Ideal Protein method which is a medically supervised and structured nutritional program that focuses on lifestyle and behavioral changes. With over 30 years of scientific evidence, this ketogenic program stands out as the best program to improve long term health and wellness!


Our Ever Evolving Protocol Contains 2 Key Components for Success:

What is Ideal Protein?

The 4-phase protocol helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels with a structured meal and lifestyle program, while burning fat and supporting lean muscle tissue.

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What Can I Expect?

what is ideal protein?Once you have made the commitment to begin the program, your coach will meet with to further discuss your health and wellness goals and prepare you for day one! During phase 1, clients are expected to attend weekly private coaching sessions included in the cost of the program! These sessions are not just a weigh-in but an opportunity to learn and establish new habits that will help you sustain your success in maintenance. These visits provide clients with motivation, encouragement and accountability. Additionally, we have a free app to provide you will encouraging videos and education to help you along your journey.

Unlike other programs, there are no contracts, and all of your coaching sessions are included in the cost of your food and supplements. .


Consists of three meal replacement foods per day, plus one lean and green meal of 5-8 ounces of lean protein and 4 cups of green veggies. Support is given during weekly private coaching sessions. This phase is followed until you’ve met 100% of your goal. The average dieter loses about 2-5 lbs per week! No strenuous exercise is required. Learn a new “Weigh4Life” while reaching your goal.
Consists of two meal replacements foods per day, plus two lean and green meals of 5-8 ounces of lean protein and 4 cups of veggies. Weekly private coaching sessions continue to offer support as you begin the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. You can expect to lose just a bit more weight during phase this phase and continue to watch your clothing get bigger!
Focuses on weight stabilization and re-introduction of healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats for breakfast. During this transitional period dieters continue their two lean and green meals with 4 cups of green veggies and only utilize one meal replacement. This phase is followed for two weeks. Weekly coaching visits help dieters learn the combinations that best suit their needs!
Weight Maintenance! Return to a balanced diet and learn which foods are best for your body. Clients who continue to follow up periodically are successful at keeping their weight off long- term. Studies show people are successful at maintaining a healthy weight if they have a plan and support and we offer BOTH! Following the Ideal Lifestyle weight maintenance program offers freedom of food choices along with accountability and guidance! No meal replacements are required but may be purchased at will. Our focus is on proper food combinations, not counting points or restricting foods.

Begin a New Journey to Wellness

» Are you frustrated because you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed?
» Did you lose weight but have gained some or all of it back?
» Are you unhappy with the nutrition choices you’re making for yourself and your family?
» Do you find your busy schedule keeps you from adopting better eating habits?

We will work with you on any or all of these types of issues to make sure your bad habits do not return and you have the knowledge and tools to stay on track. We will help you understand your struggles, overcome them, and then celebrate your victories.

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Fit 3D Body Composition

fit 3d 3Fit 3D monitoring is a body composition analyzer that accurately measures body statistics as well as whole body measurements. Secure reports are sent directly to the user’s email with detailed information about discussing progress and risk factors. Our nutrition clients enjoy seeing their progress each week with this tool!


Monitor your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and body measurements in 3D to stay motivated and on track. This tool will help you stay motivated during weight loss and keep on you track during maintenance.  fit3D_2-600x400

Why is this so different?

what is ideal protein?With most average, well balanced diet programs that you may already be familiar with or tried in the past, the focus is simply on a reduction of calories not on the type of calories. This will certainly lead to overall weight loss but not the right kind. Because the balanced approach cuts all macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) equally, the diet consists of too much sugar and not enough protein leading to muscle loss. Additionally, exercise is an added component that adds to muscle loss and fatigue. It is difficult for your body to work harder with less resources (vitamins, nutrients and proper protein)! If we lose muscle, our metabolism will actually slow down making weight loss and weight maintenance even harder! This type of dieting can leave us in worse shape than when we started! When dieters who use this approach return to “regular” eating after meeting their goal, they find their weight creeps back up even though they are watching what they eat. The reintroduction of calories leads to weight gain and they sometimes end up even heavier than when they started dieting.

When you focus on the un-balanced approach, just the opposite can happen. The metabolism can actually increase and weight maintenance becomes easier than ever before. Other diet programs add disclaimers that say “results not typical” but with Ideal Protein at Weigh4Life, we boast the opposite. What is Ideal Protein and what makes it so different from all of the other diets out there? Clients that follow the protocol 100% see incredible, predictable, and repeatable results week after week. Doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?

Our high quality meal replacements give your body exactly the minimum amount of protein- not too much and not too little. This protein is what protects your muscle leading to rapid results all while enjoying yummy foods. Our program does not require rigorous exercise because it’s NOT NEEDED for fat loss! Exercise should be enjoyable, not a punishment for what you ate! It’s a key ingredient in weight maintenance but not the necessary component for weight loss like traditional diets require!

What is Ideal Protein?

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