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At Weigh4Life, we believe wellness is not a destination but a journey. Many clients who first walk through our door need to regain their health. Through a combination of high quality meal replacements and whole foods, we help clients learn a new way of living that will help them burn fat while sparing muscle. Our program offers a low carbohydrate, moderate protein wellness program with individualized plans to meet our clients needs. Each plan is structured and focused on lifestyle and behavioral changes for long lasting results. This program is designed to help clients REBUILD their health and wellness through lifestyle coaching and education.


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What Can I Expect?

what is ideal protein?Once you have made the commitment to begin the program, your lifestyle coach will meet with to further discuss your health and wellness goals and prepare you for day one! Throughout our program, clients are expected to attend weekly private lifestyle coaching sessions that include a full 3D body composition analysis, review of their meal plan, meal journal and education to make behavioral changes for the following week. These visits provide clients with motivation, encouragement and accountability.

Unlike other programs, there are no contracts. There is no additional coaching fee with minimum purchase.

Begin a New Journey to Wellness

» Are you frustrated because you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed?
» Did you lose weight but have gained some or all of it back?
» Are you unhappy with the nutrition choices you’re making for yourself and your family?
» Do you find your busy schedule keeps you from adopting better eating habits?

We will work with you on any or all of these types of issues to make sure your bad habits do not return and you have the knowledge and tools to stay on track. We will help you understand your struggles, overcome them, and then celebrate your victories.

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Fit 3D Body Composition

fit 3d 3Fit 3D monitoring is a body composition analyzer that accurately measures body statistics as well as whole body measurements. Secure reports are sent directly to the user’s email with detailed information about discussing progress and risk factors. Our nutrition clients enjoy seeing their progress each week with this tool!


Monitor your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and body measurements in 3D to stay motivated and on track. This tool will help you stay motivated during weight loss and keep on you track during maintenance.  fit3D_2-600x400

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*Individual results may vary.

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