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Coaching Services

Though Coaching is a staple of our program it is NOT required. Studies show, working with a personal health coach and double your success. We have a plan and the support you need to not only assist you in Getting Healthy but Staying Healthy for life! We want our relationship to last far beyond weight loss. Memberships can be renewed annually for on-going support!

Why Should I Have A Coach?

What do Oprah, Hugh Jackman, Bill Gates and Serena Williams have in common? They have a coach! A coach is simply a partner who helps someone be the BEST they can be! If you want to be great at something, hire an expert to help guide you. What can you expect from our trusted and experienced coaches at Weigh4Life?

First of all, great coaches understand each person is unique and so is there experience. Many have been on more than one diet or lifestyle program and have may even have negative feelings or apprehensions to starting “another program”. We will help you identify and overcome barriers that may be holding you back and approach each of your personal coaching sessions with empathy and encouragement. The journey to wellness and good health has many ups and downs but we are in this together.


Clients who choose to work with a coach are twice as successful.

Why Coaching

VIRTUAL Personal Coaching

To ensure the safety of our staff and clients and continue to provide the best coaching experience to support our clients, Weigh4Life utilzes a platform similar to Skype, Facetime or Zoom but it is HIPAA compliant to ensure your privacy is respected. It's also easy to use! This platform also allows you to use the SAME link for every coaching session. No need to have multiple links! Just schedule an appointment and then click the "Online Waiting Room" button below!

Steps to Utilizing Our Online Office


Step One: If you are using an Android phone, laptop, non-Apple tablet, or desktop computer, all you need to do is go to utilizing either Chrome or Firefox as your browser. 

Step Two: Your device will ask to access your camera and microphone; allow it!

Step Three: You will then type in your name to check in, so that I can see you in my virtual waiting room! Please login 5 minutes before your schedule appointment.

Step Four: Then you just sit tight, and I will start our session at the scheduled time.

If for some reason we run into difficulties, we can problem solve. If you experience difficulty, please call our main line at 410-374-1010.