You’ve been working so hard and there is no better season than summer to reveal the new you! Even though your weight loss journey may not be over, you are well on your way to success. Embrace invitations to summer outings and celebrations; just plan and prepare to stay true to your commitment and have a little fun in the process. Here are our tips on how to get a summer body to help you get ready:

Hydrate with H20!

Water is the essence of true health. As the temperature rises, consume plenty of water, at least 64 ounces a day.   Take it everywhere you go and drink plenty at every meal. Not only will it help you feel full, water aids in digestion, circulation, and absorption. Add a little summertime excitement and flavor to your water with a slice of cucumber, lemon, or lime.

Celebrate the bounty of summer.

Seek out the freshest vegetables at the local farmers market. While at the market, look for seasonal vegetables like rhubarb and summer squash to try with new Ideal Protein recipes. Keep an eye out for fresh herbs and spices, they can make the world of difference in flavor.

Summer barbecues? No problem.

Your best bet, host your own backyard barbecue where you plan the menu. Most barbecues offer up protein and vegetables, so your barbecue will be no different, except IP-friendly. Serve up local fresh seafood, burgers, and have plenty of salad on hand.   If you get an invite to attend a barbecue, don’t grill the host on what they are serving, but instead, offer to bring an IP-friendly salad and be assured there will be at least one dish compliant with the protocol.

Invest in a new summer outfit.

You’ve been working so hard and your body shows it. Sadly, no one can see your amazing transformation in loose fitting clothes. Illustrate your Ideal Protein success with a fashion statement that clearly states, “Yes, this is the new me.” With every pound lost, you gain confidence and that is something you want to show off! This is our top tip on how to get a summer body!

Get outside this summer.

Take a hike, ride a bike, and breathe in some fresh air. Protect your body-in-progress with sun screen and wear longs sleeves to prevent against mosquitos and ticks.

Make this your summer to shine! With still 8 weeks to lose 25 pounds, you still have time to get that perfect summer body. Contact us to get back on track with the Ideal Protein diet and find out how to get a summer body.