Ideal Protein in Hampstead, MD

Ideal Protein in Hampstead, MD

Welcome to Weigh4Life! We are a certified Ideal Protein clinic in Hampstead, MD and we’re here to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. At Weigh4Life, ALL of our coaches have successfully completed all phases of the program, as well as received training directly from Ideal Protein. They experienced such great success with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and they wanted to share what they have learned with others.

With Ideal Protein becoming a popular choice among physicians and other medically supervised venues, we know there are many offices to choose from. Many practitioners that offer the Ideal Protein method have to split their time, training, energy and resources with their regular practice clients and their dieters. That is simply not the case at Weigh4Life. Your success is our specialty and our number one goal. We are a free-standing nurse-run clinic that offers private, one-on-one personalized coaching and professional service.

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About the Ideal Protein Diet

Ideal Protein in Hampstead, MDPieces of the Ideal Protein method were developed more than 25 years ago by a French physician named Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. His original focus was to help athletes lose body fat without losing muscle prior to the start of their sport season as well as treat obesity and obesity related issues. Today, Ideal Protein is a well-known name among physicians and medi-spa clinics worldwide and has been used with great success across North America for nearly 10 years.

So how does the Ideal Protein diet work?

We all know that to lose weight you must obviously consume fewer calories than you expend. But weight loss isn’t simply about how much weight you lose but what kind of weight! Not all pounds are created equal. To lose fat, the body must be convinced to pull calories out of storage!

Although the body has four sources of energy (blood glucose, stored glucose or glycogen, muscle and fat) it will always burn in that order leaving your fat stores as the LAST usable source instead of the first! That’s no good. Our body will never effectively burn its stored fat until the glucose and glycogen have been depleted. That’s when the magic happens.

After depletion of glucose, our body has to make a decision to use its own muscle or stored fat storage as energy. With our method, we protect the muscle leaving our body’s only one option to use as energy….FAT! If at any point we replenish the glucose, the fat-burning stops. So it’s not simply a matter of reducing calories like traditional diets offer, but which kind of calories.

Weigh4Life is a nurse-run Ideal Protein clinic in Hampstead, MD and our licensed nurse reviews every client profile before and during the protocol. We regularly communicate with physicians while you’re on the diet.

The Four Phases

Consists of three Ideal Protein meal replacement foods per day, plus one lean and green meal of 6-8 ounces of lean protein and 4 cups of green veggies. Support is given during weekly private coaching sessions. This phase is followed until you’ve met 100% of your goal. The average dieter loses about 2-5 lbs per week! No strenuous exercise is required. Learn a new “Weigh4Life” while reaching your goal.
Consists of two Ideal Protein meal replacements foods per day, plus two lean and green meals of 6-8 ounces of lean protein and 4 cups of veggies. Weekly private coaching sessions continue to offer support as you begin the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. You can expect to lose just a bit more weight during phase this phase and continue to watch your clothing get bigger!
Focuses on weight stabilization and re-introduction of carbohydrates and healthy fats for breakfast. During this transitional period dieters continue their two lean and green meals with 4 cups of green veggies and only utilize one daily Ideal Protein snack item. This phase is followed for two weeks. Weekly coaching visits help dieters learn the combinations that best suit their needs!
Weight Maintenance! Return to a balanced diet and learn which foods are best for your body. We offer a full 12, month follow up program called Ideal Lifestyle providing continued private coaching specifically tailored to your maintenance needs. No Ideal Protein foods are required to maintain your weight loss success. Our focus is on proper food combinations, not counting points or restricting foods.
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Register today to attend a FREE introductory workshop given by our licensed nurse and receive $100 off your enrollment! Weigh4Life will help make your weight loss journey a little easier with our knowledgeable and compassionate trained coaches. We offer workshops at our Ideal Protein clinic in Hampstead, MD weekly.

The workshops last about an hour and are a way for you to become more familiarized with the diet, meet other dieters, sample our food, and more. There is no absolutely obligation to enroll.

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