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In 15 weeks (that’s a little less than 4 months!), Kelly lost:

  • 51.2 pounds
  • 31.5 inches

Read her inspiring story below!

“I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager – 25+ years! I have done other programs and was successful at losing the weight, but it came back on. I was even able to maintain some of the weight loss for a while. I tried some “clean eating plans” for a while, but was in search of something else when I was introduced to Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein is simple. It is restrictive but it is easy to follow. Throughout the process, you are educated on how to eat and correct how your body processes the foods. You are trained on how to continue to eat healthy so that you are able to maintain your losses. I am still in the process of my weight loss journey, but I have lost 40 pounds in 11 weeks and I am shooting for another 60 pounds. I no longer wake up feeling sore and achy all the time. I am definitely sleeping better. I am 40 and my doctor told me that my bloodwork looks better than most of his patients at that age. I am moving my body more easily. I am looking forward to reaching my goals with the help of the coaches at Weigh4life. I look forward to wearing “normal sizes” comfortably. I feel fantastic and I think know that I am taking control of my weight and eating healthy translates to all the other areas of my life. My mindset is more positive all the way around. I pay more attention to EVERYTHING that goes into my body now and how much sugar is hidden in places (toothpaste, mouthwash). It feels amazing to know that overall I am living a healthier life. The protocol works and I can’t wait to keep going to reach my goal!!!”