Ideal Protein storiesDear Friend,

My struggle with weight started at a young age. I was the middle kid of two super skinny kids and always heard that I must have just gotten the “bad genes”. But after having three babies in four years my weight had skyrocketed even more and I knew I had to find something that worked. I had been successful at losing weight here and there trying every diet imaginable including the old fashioned diet and exercise. But even though I went back to my 4 days a week gym schedule after having my third child, the weight just would not come off. I was sick of struggling and was at my wits end ready to give up when I heard an advertisement for a diet that seemed too good to be true. As a licensed nurse, I have always been skeptical of rapid weight loss programs promising fast results. Kind of like “get rich quick schemes never prosper”. As a mom, I am also cautious with the ingredients and foods I put in my body but after attending an info session about Ideal Protein, I quickly learned why this method is so different…..it’s based on science.

I had reservations about having to use meal replacements but in September of 2010 after begging my husband to let me try just one more program and reading many successful Ideal Protein stories, I decided to try it out. Boy was I shocked when the once so seaming strict protocol quickly turned into my favorite and most effective weight loss method I had ever used. In just 17 weeks, I lost 54lb and 12% body fat. That’s way more body fat than when I was at the gym 4 days a week. And here’s the best part of all; I have been able to maintain my weight loss success within 5lbs since reaching my goal in December of 2010.

“For the first time in my life, I have not regained the weight, making my efforts futile. I have finally won!”
Katie Redding, Owner, Weigh4Life

I knew I wasn’t the only one with these struggles and reservations! Through utilizing the Ideal Protein method and walking through each of the four phases of the program, I was able to develop a new way for life and create my own Ideal Protein stories. I was so excited and changed from the inside out that I knew I had to share this success with others so they could live longer and happier lives. I wanted to help them learn a new Weigh4Life and live longer and happier lives. I wanted them to experience the joy of living each and every day to the fullest with their family and friends. Our health is not simply measured by a number on a scale but in the way we are able to enjoy our lives, without the limitations that being overweight can add. We only get one body on our short time here on Earth. Join me in taking care of it as best as you can, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

I have learned a lot over the last five years of helping people win their battles against obesity. To us, every dieter we help isn’t simply another number. Each one has a face, a name and a story, and we want to help you create your own Ideal Protein stories. There are ups and downs to this battle but together, we can overcome! Won’t you let us help you close one chapter in your story and start a new one? Let us help you learn a new Weigh4Life!

Many blessings as you journey on!