Ideal Protein Review

Ideal Protein ReviewDear Readers,

I first want to say “thank you!” to Katie Redding, owner of Weigh4Life, for being in my hometown and helping me transform into my new lifestyle. That new lifestyle is a healthier, happier, and more active ME. After losing 100 lbs on the Ideal Protein Protocol, I feel 20 years younger and probably look 20 years younger as well. After reaching my first goal of 50 lbs, I wrote my 1st Ideal Protein review. I am now writing my 2nd Ideal Protein review after reaching my 3rd and final goal as I am phasing off Ideal Protein and heading toward maintenance and entering my NEW LIFE.

While on the plan, I never looked closely at the numbers, especially the inches, since I didn’t need them, I FELT them. But now that I’m done, I want to share those numbers with you. In my 1st 8 weeks on the program, I lost 33 lbs and 12 inches. Starting in May 2016, I had set my 1st goal to lose 50 lbs by my daughter’s wedding that September and had allowed 19 weeks to do so. I reached my goal of losing 50 pounds very quickly after only 13 weeks on Ideal Protein. So to say I was quite impressed with Ideal Protein was an understatement; I met my goal of 50 pounds, lost 22 inches in 13 weeks, and 6 weeks ahead of schedule. So I stayed on and set a new goal! By the time the wedding rolled around in September, I had lost 62.4 lbs and 17 inches. My seamstress worked overtime and took my dress in several times for a total of 4 inches cut out of my gown. As the transformation was happening, I was loving my results and especially myself, so I made a new goal. From the very start, I truly wanted to lose 100 lbs but thought it was not attainable, so I started with smaller goals, and as you can see, I reassessed along the way. My 3rd and final goal was the 100 lb mark and I reached that goal on Valentine’s Day 2017. How heart warming that was for me! I even had a bonus number showing me that I also lost a total of 41 inches!!!

“I still can’t believe my transformation.”
Kathy, Dieter, Ideal Protein Coach

My doctor is thrilled at my success and told me my blood pressure had improved and my cholesterol went down. My health has definitely improved, starting with my BMI going down 15.0 points, putting me in the healthy zone for the first time in my life and not in the overweight or obese column. I lost 17.3 pounds of body fat, my skin is clearer, my mind is clearer, and my self-esteem is off the chart. As for my self-esteem and happiness, it’s awesome is all that I can say. I still can’t believe my transformation. I went from a size 22 to a 10, have all new clothes, I can cross my legs, run, and more. As for being active – well, that is part I am looking forward to in my new lifestyle. My new lifestyle will be different and I will see where it takes me. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on all my new adventures. I joined a bowling league, actually wrote my bucket list instead of dreaming about it, and soon I will actually start to check items off. I will be traveling more than before and look forward to my active new life.

Watch my transformation!

If you decide to try Ideal Protein at Weigh4Life in Hampstead, maybe I can be your coach. Talk about lifestyle changes! I have recently joined the team at Weigh4Life and would love to help you transform your life as well. I could not give a more glowing Ideal Protein review.

I want to thank my coach Stacey for being there for me and supporting me along this journey. I want to thank my husband, Scott, for his support and understanding, my support team Jen, Steph, Katie, Bobby, Carolyn, and Leslie. I did this for my grandchildren Whitney, Ashton, and Felix and the many more I will be blessed with in the future. I want to be around to enjoy life with all of you so this transformation is for you as well as for me.

P.S. Read my bio and first testimonial!

Thanks, Weigh4Life!

Ideal Protein Review