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Red-Light Therapy to Optimize Your Wellness

What if there was a way to tighten your skin, liquidate your fat cells, help improve your mood, build your immunity and decrease chronic pain AND was non-invasive relaxing and safe? You would probably say, this sounds too good to be true! But guess what? It is great news AND it’s true! This powerful and safe technology has been researched and used for over 40 years. All day long we are exposed to damaging frequencies that breakdown our cells and lead to stress and chronic disease. That's why we get wrinkles and age spots and have more and more difficulty as we age.

Red light therapy (photobiomodulation) has been around for decades and this cutting edge technology has been used for years by NASA scientists to not only grow vegetation during space expeditions but also help astronauts maintain their muscle strength while in zero gravity!

Want to skip the science and go straight to the benefits?


So What About Light?

First, let’s talk about LIGHT!!! Did you know light is on spectrum of frequencies? You may have heard about sunlight, blue light, and LED but frequencies also include radio waves, x-rays and microwaves! Some light frequencies are beneficial to our cells and some are harmful! We don’t generally think of light frequencies in our everyday life but we are exposed nearly every moment by frequencies and only a few are visible to the human eye.

As you look at this spectrum, the right of the visible spectrum, we find the types of energy that are lower in frequency (and thus longer in wavelength) than visible light. These types of energy include infrared (IR) rays (heat waves given off by thermal bodies), and radio waves. These types of radiation surround us constantly, and are not harmful, because their frequencies are so low. The lower frequency waves are lower in energy, and thus are not dangerous to our health.

To the left of the visible spectrum, we have ultraviolet (UV) rays, X-rays, and gamma rays. These types of radiation are harmful to living organisms, due to their extremely high frequencies (and thus, high energies). It is for this reason why an X-ray technician will place a lead shield over us, in order to prevent the X-rays from penetrating anything other than the area of our body being imaged. Gamma rays, being the highest in frequency and energy, are the most damaging. Luckily though, our atmosphere absorbs gamma rays from outer space, thereby protecting us from harm.

How Does Our Red-Light System Work at Weigh4Life

Our red light system has powerful frequencies that offer healing benefits to the body. Our unique and powerful duel LED light uses near infrared light to help with skin toning and tightening while the red-light targets the fat cell. Our light system is a third-generation Lipo LED manufactured in the USA that offers 880 nm and 635 nm wavelength lights. The elevated power supplied to the adipose tissue easily removes fat. The human body’s absorption of LEDs (70%) is far higher than conventional lasers (40%), rendering the LED technology inherently efficient. In fact, the light of 880 nm improves the formation of collagen and elastin, rendering the unit excellent for wellbeing.

For red-light therapy to penetrate the human body, it’s important to have the proper strength of the light frequency (880nm/635nm) AND have it within 3 inches of the skin for best results. Our unique system comfortably wraps your body and treatment areas in warm LED light wraps that can treat up to 5 areas at one time all while relaxing!

While you are relaxing, the near infrared and red light penetrates the skin and stimulates the mitochondria (the power house of the cell) and increases ATP production which leads to a wide range of systemic health benefits that include improving skin tone and elasticity, reducing inflammation, improving muscle recovery and liquidating adipocyte cells that hold fat and toxins.

There are so many applications and benefits of red light therapy treatment and the best news is that is has almost no reported negative side effects.

Full Body Wellness Benefits

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Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction

When combined with a healthy diet that is low in fat and a combination of light exercise, red-light therapy can be effective in target fat cells for body sculpting and the reduction of fat! The red-light alters the Adipocytes all allows them to release the stored fat and toxins in treatment areas. Regular exercise assists in removing the released fat and toxins from the body. Along with diet and exercise, clients can lose up to 15 pounds over a 6 week treatment period! While the red light releases the fat, the near infrared light assists with skin toning and tightening!

Skin Health and Anti-Aging

Muscle and Injury Recovery

Wounds Healing & Tissue Repair

Decreased Joint Pain, Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Risks and Side Effects of Red Light Therapy

There are generally no side effects with red light therapy with most common compliant being tiredness or partial redness of the skin. However, it is still recommended to consult with a doctor before using it as a treatment for any medical condition and to never use it as a substitute for prescribed medical treatments.

Interested in Red-Light Therapy for Your Wellness?

The benefits of red-light therapy are virtually endless. Consider adding red-light therapy to your self-care regimen to reduce stress on the body and receive the total body benefits! Each client's goals will be different so schedule your COMPLIMENTARY phone consultation to see if red-light therapy is right for you. Sessions last 25 minutes and are less than the cost of a massage! Weigh4Life now offers a 6 week weight loss program that pairs nutrition and lifestyle imrpovements along with 12 sessions of red-light therapy! Visit our red-light page to learn more or book your FREE call with Katie, today!

Katie has been passionately serving her community and assisting them in Getting Well and Staying Well for over 12 years. After spending 14 years as a licensed nurse, she wanted to help people prevent their disease and learn how to heal their bodies with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her nursing knowledge and extensive health coaching experience come together in the signature program she created called LiveWell to help empower people with knowledge and resources to take control of their health and wellness and live longer and fuller lives! This isn't about weight management but true HEALTH care!! Katie manages a busy practice in Westminster, MD and is a wife to her amazing husband Josh of 22 years and mom to three awesome kids, Brady, Luke and Talia! When she's not helping people get well, Katie can be found on the golf course, ballroom floor or camping in the mountains!

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