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Simplify Your Sunday Meal Prep System

Meal prep can be a great way to save time and money and eat healthier. However, staying in the habit of prepping meals can be challenging. One way to make this habit easier is by creating a Sunday meal prep system. This system will enable you to plan your meals for the week so that you have all the ingredients on hand and know exactly what to cook each day.

Here's how a Sunday Meal Prep System might work for you:

Before you start! Make sure you pantry is stocked with staples. These are items that you always have in your pantry and fridge and freezer to whip quick meals together. For my pantry, I always have a wide variety of spices, olive oils and vinegar, chicken broth, diced tomatoes, and fresh onions. What's in my fridge and freezer? Great question! I keep on hand eggs, unsweetened almond milk, plain greek yogurt, primal kitchen avocado mayo, lemons and limes, tons of frozen veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, riced cauliflower, butternut squash) and individual portions of protein (chicken, ground beef, pork chops etc).

Step 1: Plan Your Meals. The first step in creating your Sunday meal prep system is planning your meals for the week. Take some time to think about what dishes you would like to make, and then create a grocery list of all the necessary ingredients. It can also be helpful to create a calendar or chart where you can write down which meals you plan on making each day. Once you have your list and schedule set up, it's time for the next step. Want a no nonsense, easy peasy meal planner- Click the image below to grab yours:

Step 2: Shop For Ingredients. After planning your meals, it's time to head to the store and purchase all the necessary ingredients for those dishes. Make sure you check your list twice before leaving the store to remember everything - nothing is worse than getting home only to realize that an ingredient is missing from one of your recipes.

Step 3: Prep Your Meals. Now comes the fun part - actually prepping your meals. Depending on what dishes you make, this could involve washing/chopping veggies, marinating proteins such as chicken or steak, or even cooking stews or casseroles that can then be reheated throughout the week. Spend some quality time in the kitchen doing whatever needs to be done for your dishes to be ready when they need them throughout the week.

Creating a Sunday meal prep system can be an effective way for busy people who want to ensure they are eating healthy and saving money without having to worry about meal planning every day. Make it an enjoyable experience by catching up on your favorite show, listening to an audiobook or podcast, or calling a loved one to catch up as you meal prep your ingredients. By following these three steps – planning out your meals, shopping for ingredients, and prepping those meals –you'll be able to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals throughout the week with minimal effort. So give it a try today and see how much easier it makes dinnertime during hectic weeks. If you want some pointers on batch cooking, check out my previous blog post Batch Cooking 101.



Katie has been passionately serving her community and assisting them in Getting Well and Staying Well for over 12 years. After spending 14 years as a licensed nurse, she wanted to help people prevent their disease and learn how to heal their bodies with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her nursing knowledge and extensive health coaching experience come together in the signature program she created called LiveWell to help empower people with knowledge and resources to take control of their health and wellness and live longer and fuller lives! This isn't about weight management but true HEALTH care!! Katie manages a busy practice in Westminster, MD and is a wife to her amazing husband Josh of 22 years and mom to three awesome kids, Brady, Luke and Talia! When she's not helping people get well, Katie can be found on the golf course, ballroom floor or camping in the mountains!

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