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Our program offers a is a personalized lifestyle coaching and meal replacements and assists clients with lifestyle and behavioral changes that set the foundation for life-changing, long lasting TRANSFORMATION.  Each plan is personalized to meet the client’s goal but each plan’s foundation starts with coaching providing accountability, encouragement, education and resources to be successful in losing weight, keeping it off and getting and staying healthy. While REBUILDING your health, clients will use a combination of meal replacements and whole foods to lose weight while receiving weekly lifestyle coaching. Once clients have met their initial wellness goal, they move to RESTORE AND STABILIZE using whole foods!

New Start Clients $399


  • 60 minute personal consultation with a lifestyle coach
  • 28 meal replacements & shaker bottle
  • One month supply of  required nutritional supplements
  • Weekly Fit 3D Body Scanning while you are on the program*
  • Education materials
  • Access to MindBody App and online store

Returning Clients $235

  • Appointment is for Weigh4Life clients who have been away from our clinic 4 weeks or longer
  • 30 minute personal consultation with a lifestyle coach
  • 28 meal replacements
  • 1 month supply of required nutritional supplements
  • Weekly Fit 3D Body Scanning while you are on the program*
  • Education materials
  • Access to MindBody App and online store

Weekly Lifestyle Coaching $102 (average weekly cost)

  • 15 minute private consultation with a lifestyle coach
  • 21 meal replacements of your choice
  • Required nutritional supplements
  • Progress Review of Fit 3D assessment
  • Weekly coaching fee of $15 waived with minimum purchase


($15 weekly lifestyle coaching is waived with minimum purchase of required meal replacements and nutritional supplements. Cost is average spent)

That answer is different for everyone. During the initial rebuilding phase, women can expect to lose 2-3 pounds of fat weekly while men typically lose between 3-5 pounds. This program focuses on fat burning and muscle sparing so results are often FASTER than traditional weight loss programs. Results are predictable and repeatable week after week without plateaus for clients that implement the program 100%. No more frustration! At your initial consultation, your lifestyle coach will help determine the best plan for your goals, timeline and lifestyle. Our program  teaches clients overall health transformation so the program essentially never ends!!! As you reach your healthy weight and improve your wellness, clients move to the RESTORE, STABILIZE and eventually, FOUNDATION stages implementing whole foods.

Studies show that people who are successful at maintaining a healthy weight all have three things in common: they are mindful of what they are eating, implement regular use of meal replacements and exercise and regular accountability, AKA: a lifestyle coach! Clients who are most succsesful on our program value the coaching program and return an average of monthly for a check-in. The bottom line is, we see this program as your new Weigh4Life and our relationship will be long-term and doesn’t end when you reach a certain number on the scale.

Seminar pictureCongratulations on taking the first step to improving your health and learning a new Weigh4Life! The next step is to call, text or email our office to set up a time for a quick 15 minute phone consultation to discuss further details of the program, answer your questions and ensure you are a great fit for our program.

If you’re ready to get started, we will schedule your initial consultation and get you on your way. Need a little more time to think about it? No problem! We know for many, this is a complete change from their norm and often intimidating. Remember, all plans are personalized and for some, we will start off with baby steps. We want you to feel empowered and in control so feel free to stop by our office, take a tour and even a spin on our 3D scanner for FREE.

Our program consists of 3 meal replacements per day purchased at your weekly coaching sessions. Additionally, you will purchase and prepare 1 lean and green meal on your own. Don’t worry, we will make sure you have a specific list of foods to purchase and plenty of recipes from quick and simple to more complex! We keep it simple.
The most common side effects occur during the first 3-5 days while your body is transitioning from sugar burning to fat burning and while detoxing your system. The most common side effects are similar to any other program and may include fatigue, hunger and headache. These symptoms are typically gone before clients even return for their first follow up visit. Our lifestyle coaches will connect with you daily during the first week of the program to help you troubleshoot your symptoms. Not all clients experience side effects and most are minor inconveniences. As with any diet protocol please make sure to consult your physician before choosing to follow the protocol. This is not a medical program.
Yes, our program offers adjustments for nearly any allergy or sensitivity. Many people find their allergies improve while on the program as we improve the gut health and overall systems in the body. Clients are asked to review the ingredients list carefully before making your purchase but a list of lactose, gluten or soy free foods can be requested.
Of course! Many find one barrier to improving their health is time! Our clients find that the products and method can be easily adapted for travel. But remember, the goal of the program is overall transformation. Your lifestyle coach will work with you to help make long lasting changes so this isn’t just a diet! We want you to learn a new Weigh4Life that ultimately helps you forever! The key to success is always planning and your coach will work with you to find the best approach for planning, preparing and journaling your meals and success.
We understand that there will likely be special events that occur while you are on the program. Make sure to discuss all of your concerns with your coach who will give suggestions and tips on how to stay on track. Greatest success happens on this program when there are no deviations but we know life will happen. Our rebuilding phase is restrictive but can be adjusted for special occasions while you are learning new healthy habits, self-discipline and moderation. Don’t plan to get started the day before your big family is in town but one of our biggest goals is to help you navigate your lifestyle is a healthy way and that, of course will require some thought and planning. No worries, we’ve got you covered.
In most cases, the answer is a big YES! A low carbohydrate, normal protein diet is highly recommended by physicians for conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol issues, and many others. All dieters must complete a Health Profile that is reviewed by our lifestyle coach. We will discuss any concerns we have. As always, please discuss the start of any diet program with your physician before your initial appointment. We are happy to provide progress notes for your physician throughout the program.
Ideal Protein FAQs
Ideal Protein FAQs
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