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Start up bagWhile on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol you will find that the cost is equivalent or similar to your regular food costs and in many cases, can even be less expensive. During your first visit, we will do a comprehensive health profile review and analysis, and you will leave that appointment with everything you need to get started on the program. This includes your first week of food, your first month of supplements, a little extra food to curb hunger during the first week, a shaker bottle and a great tote bag to bring back with you each visit for your food. The cost to get started for this appointment is $399.

That answer is different for everyone. During the initial weight loss phase, women can expect to lose 2-3 pounds of fat weekly while men typically lose between 3-5 pounds. This program focuses on fat burning and muscle sparing so results are often FASTER than traditional weight loss programs. Results are predictable and repeatable week after week without plateaus for clients that implement the program 100%. No more frustration! The first phase remains until you have regained your health and reached your initial weight objective. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your entire goal all at once! It’s really all about setting realistic and measurable goals and following through with ALL the phases. Want this to be your last “diet” ever? Phases 2-4 are just as important as losing the weight in phase 1. Though the initial weight loss phase will end, our journey of wellness NEVER ends. Clients who are committed to keeping their weight off participate in our free Lifestyle Phase 4 program. Ultimately, we want to teach you a new “Weigh4Life” right from the start!
Seminar pictureThe first step is scheduling a complimentary 15 minute chat with one of our experienced coaches to see if our program is right for you. We can do this in person or over the phone! Our coach will  listen to your health goals and can suggest a plan that would be appropriate for you.  We will also include pricing, meal details, and a thorough explanation of our program and expectations.

Once you have made the commitment to yourself and to your coach to begin the journey, we will have you fill out a comprehensive health history. This will be reviewed by your coach as well as a medical professional, if necessary.  We see clients with Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, PCOS, high blood pressure and more. Because clients see a rapid improvement in their health, we work closely with your doctor, so they can ensure you are on the proper medications as you lose weight and regain your health. We highly recommend attending one of our FREE Introductory Workshops to prepare for beginning the program. Clients that attend a workshop are given a $50 credit on their initial appointment.  Ready to register for an educational workshop? This is a great intro to our program and is a great opportunity to bring a support person or friend along! There’s strength in numbers.

Yes. Our protocol consist of 3 ideal protein meal replacements per day purchased at your weekly coaching sessions. You will purchase and prepare 1 lean and green meal on your own. Don’t worry, we will make sure you have a specific list of foods to purchase! We keep it simple.
The most common side effects occur during the first 3-5 days of the program are fatigue, hunger and headache. These will subside quickly once your body transitions to fat burning. Our coaches will contact you daily during the first week of the program to help you troubleshoot your symptoms. Not all clients experience side effects and most are minor inconveniences. As with any diet protocol please make sure to consult your physician before choosing to follow the protocol.
Yes, you can do this protocol with a lactose, gluten or soy allergy. There are specific products that will allow you to stay true to the diet while watching what you are allergic to. Please let your coach know about your concerns when you give us a call so we can help you choose the products that are right for you. The protocol is able to accommodate vegetarians. Unfortunately, our protocol is not compatible with vegan restrictions.
Yes, it is actually easier because you will have a set schedule to eat and there are no questions on what you are allowed to eat. We have a specific plan that can be tailored to your schedule. It takes all the guess work out of eating and this program is easy to follow. Meal preparation is simple and in most cases takes less than 2 minutes.
We understand that there will likely be special events that occur while you are on the program. Make sure to discuss all of your concerns with your coach who will give suggestions and tips on how to stay on track. Greatest success happens on this program when there are no deviations. So don’t plan to get started the day before your big family is in town!
In most cases, the answer is a big YES! A low carbohydrate, normal protein diet is highly recommended by physicians for conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol issues, and many others. All dieters must complete a Health Profile that is reviewed by our clinic nurse before getting started. All of your concerns will be discussed prior to beginning the program. With many health concerns, our clinic nurse communicates with your physician prior to the start of the program and then provides regular progress updates.
Ideal Protein FAQs
Ideal Protein FAQs
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