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Lose Weight With A FriendChances are, you are visiting our site today because someone shared their incredible success story with you. Most of our clients begin the weight loss journey at Weigh4Life after hearing about it from a friend or family member. You see, when people experience success, begin feeling better and start living again, others around them take notice. Wouldn’t you want to shout your success from the mountain top? On average, our successful dieters positively impact the lives of 10 other people in their circle. When they start our program they aren’t thinking about saving a friend’s life but that’s often just what they do. How many lives will you save by taking the step to change your life?

We like to keep things all in the family here at Weigh4Life and say a big “Thank You!” with our referral rewards program! Just refer a friend to either of Weigh4Life’s two locations and receive a free box of food of your choice! There’s no limit to how many boxes you can receive. Ask your coach for easy ways to share our program benefits with others and help save a life! Remember, it’s always easier to lose weight with a friend!