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At Weigh4Life, our mission is to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy by learning a new way for life! We EDUCATE, We MOTIVATE, & EMPOWER you to take control of your health!

At Weigh4Life, we offer a unique coaching experience that offers clients the flexibility to learn at their own pace while continually receiving support and encouragement from a certified health coach, Our signature LIVE WELL program helps clients achieve overall wellness alongisde learning healthy sustainable habits so they can maintain their new found health long into the future. 

You’re not alone in your search for a better way to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy! Your trusted coaches at Weigh4Life are here to help you each step of the way!



Imagine A Healthy You With Our LIVE WELL Program!

  • Shed The Weight-  A natural result of learning to eat healthier and improve your hormones is that you can shed weight more easily with reduced hunger and cravings.

  • Rebuild Your Metabolism- reboot your metabolism so it starts working for you instead of against you! This means keeping the weight off may be easier than before.

  • Improve Your Health Conditions and Ditch the Meds! How will it feel to have your symptoms improve:

    • High Blood Sugar​

    • High Blood Pressure

    • High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

    • Infammatory Conditions: arthritis and aches and pains

    • Autoimmune Conditions

    • Gut Dysfunction


  • Improve Your Mindset-  Learning a new way for life isn’t just about food! We will give you the tools to have a better relationship with food and other key areas of your life. Instead of letting life happen TO you, you'd feel ready to make life happen FOR you.

  • Flexibility- You are in Control- Many diets can feel restrictive while others are not structured enough to help you with results. We have the plan for both!

  • Discover how to LIVE WELL for life- Instead of being stuck on the endless, frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting, you will learn a new way to eat that is forever! A way that helps you Get Healthy and lose the excess weight and Stay Healthy, keeping the weight off for good!

See the transformations of just a few of the many clients that we have helped on their journey to healthy living.

Want to Discover more? 

 LIVE WELL Program

A comprehensive 4 month online program designed to help you transform your life by improving your metabolism and increasing your energy so you can lose weight and keep it off! This self-paced learning program offers 24/7 client libary of resource tools, weekly live coaching and private check in calls with Katie. Choose between a whole foods approach or an assisted approach with meal replacements. 

Private Coaching:

For clients looking to work towards a very specific goal or take a deeper dive into improving their health through nutrition and lifestyle, private coaching may be the way to go. We recommend speaking with Katie with a complimentary discovery call to decide how many sessions would be recommended. Sessions. are typcially 60 minutes in length and can be completed in person at the clinic or online. 


Set Up A Complimentary Discovery Call:

  • In this 15 minute phone call, one of Weigh4Life’s Lifestyle Coaches will listen to your goals, give you an overview of our program and options and expectations and explain pricing. Have all your questions answered and take time to think about if our philosophy aligns with your goals. Or, take the next step and schedule a Get Started appointment to begin.

Services Include:

- LIVE WELL Coaching Program

- Private 60 Minute  1:1 Coaching

- Fit 3D Body Composition Monitoring

- Employee Wellness Partnerships

Call: 410-374-1010 or contact us online!

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Coach Pam

I'm here to inspire you to be the best version of yourself! It's not as hard as you might think it is to get started, just making that call and having the consultation is the first step in your journey.

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