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At Weigh4Life, our mission is to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy by learning a new way for life! We EDUCATE, We MOTIVATE, & EMPOWER you to take control of your health!

We have multiple services to help you learn a new way for life and enjoy life-long vitality and wellness! At Weigh4Life we believe wellness is a journey and a lifestyle and we have the tools and resources to help you develop and learn those healthy habits that lead to sustained wellness. We offer many different program options to meet each person’s unique needs. From annual coaching memberships to pay as you go, there is an option for everyone! 

You’re not alone in your search for a better way to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy! Your trusted coaches at Weigh4Life are here to help you each step of the way!

Weigh4Life is a team of lifestyle wellness coaches who help educate and empower our members with knowledge and support to change their health from the inside out utilizing and plan that helps them work smarter, not harder. All of our program guides help clients burn fat, protect lean muscle and rapidly improve their weight, body composition and reduce BMI. That leaves clients with less food cravings and hunger and MORE energy. Our system helps you not only Get Healthy but learn principles and lifestyle changes that will help you STAY healthy long term! 

What you can Expect from our Program

- More energy, less cravings and hunger

- Losing weight and Gaining vitality

- Support, guidance, accountability and resources

- Personal and private coaching

- Focus on improving mindset, attitude and habits, not dieting

See the transformations of just a few of the many clients that we have helped on their journey to healthy living.

Want to Discover more? 

 Set Up A Complimentary Discovery Call:

  • In this 20 minutes phone call, one of Weigh4Life’s Lifestyle Coaches will listen to your goals, give you an overview of our program and options and expectations and explain pricing. Have all your questions answered and take time to think about if our philosophy aligns with your goals. Or, take the next step and schedule a Get Started appointment to begin.

Get Started Appointment

  • Get Started appointments are scheduled when you are ready to go! In this 90 minute appointment your coach will review your health intake form, conduct a Fit 3D body scan and review your results with you. After listening to your goals you and your coach will select a program guide to get you started on your wellness  journey. This plan can be changed at anytime throughout your journey if there are changes. We will review the costs and other important details and give your everything you need to get started! After the initial appointment you will have all the items you need to begin and your follow up coaching sessions will be scheduled either in person or virtually. Together, you and your coach will set up a schedule that best suits your lifestyle. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! We recommend you see your coach weekly until you have reached your desired goals and then see your coach bi-weekly or monthly!  

Services Include:

- Lifestyle Coaching for Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance

- Face to Face Lifestyle Coaching- In- Clinic or Online

- Fit 3D Body Composition Monitoring

- Red-Light Therapy

- Employee Wellness Partnerships

Call: 443-374-1010 or contact us online!

What Our Coaches Say

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Coach Pam

I'm here to inspire you to be the best version of yourself! It's not as hard as you might think it is to get started, just making that call and having the consultation is the first step in your journey.