Weigh4Life is excited to have just completed our first ever Slim Down Challenge! Studies show there is strength in numbers, so we thought, who doesn’t like a contest for a little added motivation? We wanted to give our clients a chance to earn CASH for regaining their health!

The 8 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge ran from May 1st thru July 1st. Clients earned points for making lifestyle changes that lead to long term good health and their new “Weigh4Life.” Points were calculated weekly. At the end of the challenge, Weigh4Life doubled the amount of money in the kitty and the dieters in first, second, and third place received cash prizes!

Congratulations to our winners and all of our participants. During the 8 week challenge, our participants lost a combined total of 156.8 and 98.75 inches. That’s one adult!!!!! Our top three “losers turned winners” lost a combined total of 69.6 pounds and 44.75 inches. This just goes to show a little challenge goes a long way. At each step in your journey, we need to be evaluating and asking ourselves these questions, “What’s Or Why? What’s Our Story? What’s Our Mission?” Now that the challenge is over, think about setting up for yourself another challenge or revised goal to keep you motivated. Continue to share your journey on social media. You may just be the inspiration for your friends and family to regain their health!

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations on your new Weigh4life!

  1. Kelly M.

  2. Kristen O.

  3. Lindsay H.

Kelly M.: 678.78 Points
Kristen O.: 599.99 points
Lindsay H.: 487.9 points
Tina F.: 465.92 points
Daryl B.: 447.17 points
Jayme C.: 419.79 points
Lucy H.: 362.38 points
Belinda W.: 361.92 points
Rocky K.: 228.47 points
Gina S.: 228.32 points
Mandy C.: 186.85 points
Harry M.: 121.75 points
Amy M.: 89.32 points