Weigh4Life is so excited to announce a few new developments from Ideal Protein! Learn more about them below and then sign up to be the first to get the NEW Smartscale & Tracker for a discounted price of $100.

Activity Tracker & SmartScale

The new Activity Tracker and SmartScale from Ideal Protein are designed to help you stay on track. The Activity Tracker will automatically record your activity (including your steps), sleep, and calories. The SmartScale is similar to the scale we use in the office, but it will sync with the the app (read more about that below) so that you can see all of your measurements in one place. Both the tracker and the scale will be linked to a system where you and your coach can log in anytime to see your progress!

The SmartScale activity tracker and scale sync with the Ideal Smart app in the app store and provide coaches an edge in your weekly sessions. They are handy in maintenance for the meal journal and weekly weigh monitoring.

Starting August 1st, you can purchase both the scale and the activity tracker for $100! Pre-order your scale and band by filling out the form below. In the future, Ideal Protein will be offering the pieces separately as well.

New Ideal Protein App

The new Ideal Protein app will let you track your progress on the go! Available for iPhone and Android, the app is going live towards the end of May and is completely free. Even if you don’t use the tracker or scale, the app will help you stay on track, especially while you’re on Phase 1 and in Maintenance, with the ability to do electronic journaling. Dieters who journal are proven to be more successful than dieters who don’t, so the app will be a great way to journal on-the-go. Remember, journaling is still a requirement of the protocol, so now you can choose to do it in the app or on paper, whichever you prefer.

You can download the Ideal Smart app by searching for “IDEAL SMART” in the app store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). Note: everyone will initially be marked as phase 0 until your coach switches you to the appropriate phase (we will do that at your weekly weigh-in).

We know it will will take practice to get used to the app, but it will be very helpful when your coach can easily view your progress at your appointment. All measurements will be kept within the app and you will have access from your home computer and/or your app. We ask that you give our coaches a little grace as we are learning this new system together, but we know we will see a lot of improvements with it!

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