A diet plan can be hard enough, but during the summer months, it can be a real challenge. Whether you’re new to Ideal Protein or an have been around the bases a time or two, we are realistic and understand your family vacation is important and it’s your time to relax too. With that said, we’ve got some summer diet tips to keep you on point with your weight loss goals for the summer.

Chase the sun and plan the time off

Just like your schedule at work, if you are taking time off from the protocol or healthy lifestyle, plan it out! Take a week or a weekend off, but not an entire month. Never give up on the protocol completely, even if you deviate, simply realign yourself and maintain. You’ve invested your time, money, and effort for this transition, now stay true to yourself and your health commitment.

Flip flops are for feet, not your diet

You’ve got this, avoid a diet flop and pack Ideal Complete meal replacement bars for breakfast, they will save you hundreds of calories on your day. Remember, when you order food, choose a protein and fresh vegetable whenever you can. And then treat and limit yourself to a special dessert or meal once a day. Avoid binge eating during your trip, maintain self-control, but do enjoy an occasional indulgence. Generally, avoiding high carbohydrates foods and sticking to the rich fatty foods is actually a better strategy than you may think. Consuming concentrated sugars will leave you feeling sluggish, hungry and make it difficult to return to phase 1.

Hydrate your summertime dehydration

Wherever you go, take a hearty supply of water with you. Be sure to drink the minimum requirements of 64 ounces daily, if not more.   Even if you deviate on food choices, never stop your water intake. It is critical to your health and it will help you bounce back to your weight loss plan after vacation. It also helps you consume less calories naturally!

Send us a postcardsummer diet tips

While you’re away, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with your coach. Schedule a phone visit during vacation to help you stay more accountable and talk over your plan. With the new IdealSmart app for your phone, record your food intake. If you plan to stroll the beach, take the NEW IdealSmart Band along to see how many steps you take all in the name of fun. Your journal is your story and every chapter of your pilgrimage is important, including vacations.

Vacation’s over, now what?

First thing to do after your time off, return to your scheduled weekly appointment. Don’t panic if you put on a few pounds, at this point, it’s mostly fluid and can be remedied by simply going back on the protocol the minute you return. Your body is still in tune with the progress you’ve made already with Ideal Protein and will bounce back to burning fat before you know it. Just picture yourself next year on vacation with an Ideal Protein body that you will enjoy for years to come.

More than a Week of Vacation?

For those of our Weigh4Life-ers who plan to take more than a vacation off the protocol, why not switch to our Summer Maintenance Plan? This plan takes the focus off of weight loss and changes the goal to maintaining the weight already lost. This plan is much more flexible and allows you to enjoy your summer while learning long-term maintenance principals you will use for the rest of your life all while enjoying continued support from your coach! Discuss this with your coach at your next visit. For dieters that simply take the time off without a plan, they are sorely disappointed in the fall when the weight has come back on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the summer AND maintain your success? We will be hosting a RESTART seminar this fall to help you return to a weight loss plan should you choose and meet your final goal!

As you travel and explore this summer, remember food is fuel, not entertainment. Do your best to make smart choices when ordering or preparing food. When possible, always go for the healthy option of quality protein and fresh vegetables. Enjoy the warm weather, be active and spend time with your friends and family! If you are new to Ideal Protein, learn more here, or if you need more summer diet tips, contact your coach.

Have more summer diet tips that have worked for you? Leave them in the comments below!