One week down, three to go! I am officially at one week but my first weigh in isn’t till Thursday. Yuck. Can you feel my pain!!! My success has always been measured in numbers so waiting 10 days to find out how I’ve done is driving me nuts! Seriously, though, I must remember that I’m doing this for so much more than just a better number on the scale. I have been able to maintain my weight for the last 7 years since first starting IP but it has not always been the most balanced and healthy way. I have been noticing, as I take a step back that there are a lot of habits I need to break and a lot of habits I need to tweak.

As I get further into this tune- up I’m remembering more and more that this is for life, not just a few weeks to look better in my bathing suit or get back to that number on the scale that has been stuck in my head for years. With that outlook in mind, I am spending more time reflecting on a few things and building in more time for rest. This process isn’t all about food but about balance and wellness in all areas of my life. My plan at the beginning of this was to do a little R&R (rest and reflection) daily. Some days I was more successful than others spending anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes on my R&R. It is definitely a discipline I need to continue. Here are some of the questions I would think through.

Daily R&R: How did I feel physically and emotionally? Did I have more energy throughout the day? What made me feel uncomfortable? What goals did I accomplish? What do I want to accomplish next week?

We all have a million things we want to accomplish or improve and I’m sure the area of our health is no different. Ideal Protein is fantastic because you are losing weight in a healthy and safe way and the program is very simple. But his can also be a downfall if we don’t take time making it something. One day, we will meet our weight loss goal and must learn to maintain our weight loss outside of Ideal Protein. It’s time to start thinking that way right now.

I have big goals I want to tackle. You saw my list from my first tune-up time blog post. I know I can’t tackle them all at once so each week I will focus on one or two goals!

Last Week:

  1. Work on timing of meals and make sure I sit down to eat! I am always running from place to place and rarely sit down to process what I’m eating or enjoy it. It takes time or our brain to process so this is important to establish this sit-down habit at all meals and make on-the-go the exception.
  2. Make breakfast foods at breakfast and lunch foods at lunch-
  3. New recipe: Crack Slaw

At my coaching visit, I will review my success in these areas and listen for tips on how to improve my strategy!

Next Week:

  1. Focus on Breakfast meals. New smoothie every day! During my R&R time, I have realized that one of my huge downfalls to maintenance is breakfast. I’m in such a hurry with the kids that I usually suck down a chocolate UHT quickly and I’m off. That may be okay here and there but when it becomes my norm, I don’t have enough fuel to get through the day, I’m not satisfied and I’m quickly looking for something else to eat! I want to focus on creating a good habit in the morning of something fresh, tasty, protein packed and quick. I want to like smoothies!!!!
  2. Move nighttime snack back to 830/9pm- I have been in a terrible rut of having an IP snack late at night. Since the first time I did Ideal Protein back in 2010, I have had a snack each night after the kids go to bed. That time has gotten later and later. The truth is, in maintenance, I will likely not NEED a snack each night. If I’m getting enough protein in throughout my day and I am satisfied with the meals that I make, I will not need the additional calories on a regular basis. I certainly don’t need to be eating it at 1030 at night!
  3. New Recipe: Chicken Cor Don Blue and Roasted Cauliflower


This upcoming week may be a little challenging but it’s a good reminder that our lives don’t slow down for us to be healthy. We need to work with the challenges. This week, I work two evenings have funeral to attend and a brunch date at Toby’s. All of this will require advanced planning and a back up plan!!! I must take this into account when planning out my weekly menu and you better believe I will be following my pre-filled out journal!!!


Onward, friends. Week two begins today!




Crack Slaw Recipe