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Get Started Appointment 

  •  90 Minute Personal Consultation and Development of Goals and Plan

  • 12 Month Membership with personal coaching   (Virtual or Face to Face)

  • Unlimited Fit 3D full body scans for 12 months

  •  Personal Access to Fit 3D Website

  •  All Educational Materials

  •  Daily Food Logs

  •  Access to health coaches via phone, in-person, email or virtual coaching

  •  Access to our MindBody™ app for self scheduling

  • Private Online community support groups

** Please note that consumption of alcohol is not permitted on our weight loss program.

** Get Started appointments are scheduled for clients ready and committed to beginning their wellness  journey.  

***Meal Replacements and Vitamin Supplementation purchased separately

**** Annual Membership renewals can be purchased for $249

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Our coaching program use a combination of high-quality protein based meal replacements as well as whole proteins and vegetables each and every day! As clients progress and achieve their goals, Moxifit Body Fuels are reduced and whole foods increased. We have a large selection of meal choices which include a wide variety of Gluten Free meal selections.

Plans and Pricing

Return and Existing Clients

Past Clients

We are so happy you are making the investment in your future and know the trusted coaching staff at Weigh4Life is here to support you. We believe rebuilding and maintaining your health requires personal and on-going support. For past members, the annual membership or renewal fee is now $249 and covers all coaching appointments and unlimited Fit 3D scans for 12 months with NO additional purchase requirements. No matter where you are on your journey, from weight loss to weight maintenance, we are here to support you with our unique personalized coaching program to help you not only lose weight but keep it off!

weekly Cost

The weekly cost varies based on your goals and the speed with which you choose to move through the program. Most clients find the cost similar to what they are already spending on their food and dining out budget. Typically, the average weekly cost of $100 includes 3 Moxifit Body Fuels per day, and all vitamin supplementation. That breaks down to less than $15 per day! Many of our clients even save money and see this as an investment in their health and future self! Rebuilding our health, reducing chronic conditions and medications and living life to the fullest is PRICELESS!!!

lifestyle coaching

We know keeping the weight off is the most difficult part of your wellness journey and requires the most support. Our annual memberships allow clients to journey on at their own pace and move into Lifestyle or weight maintenance at their own pace. Membership allows for unlimited weekly coaching and Fit 3D visits throughout the entire journey. Studies show people are MOST successful at maintaining their weight if they continue personal support for 12-18 months to stabilize their weight! Our most successful clients choose to continue the annual coaching membership to have ongoing access and support during Lifestyle! There are no food purchase minimums as a member of Weigh4Life!

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