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Regain Your Health Today


We know there isn’t a one sized fits all approach to anything in this life! Nothing could be more true when it comes to weight loss! With 9 different program guides to choose from, you can rest assured there is something for everyone! Our weight loss program has several phases to help you progress on your journey from weight loss to weight maintenance.

What to Expect

We start with our dietician approved GetWell program that assists the body in shedding the unwanted fat and re-balancing hormones with healthy protein supplements and whole proteins, veggies and fruits. You will work closely with your coach, meet one on one weekly and follow a meal program guide that will help you get results! You’ll learn more about your body, develop healthy and sustainable habits and improve your mindset to create success!  


One you’ve reached your goal-CONGRATULATIONS-  you will have learned the building blocks for long term success. During the next stage, our TransitionWell guide will help you slowly reintroduce new whole foods to your daily plan as you stabilize your weight. You learn even more about your body while reintroducing whole foods and finding what your body likes and dislikes!


Now that you have taken control of your health and achieved your goals, you and your coach will work together on developing a sustainable weight maintenance plan based on your lifestyle food preferences and nutrition philosophy! In this StayWell plan, we will be there for you every step of the way and encourage monthly visits to maintain accountability and help you course correct as you enjoy your new mind and body! All graduate members receive loyalty rewards for any purchases made.

What You Can Expect at Weigh4Life
  • Support and encouragement throughout ALL stages of Getting and Staying Healthy

  • Personalized one on one coaching from an experienced coach

  • Client centered approach to improving your health- Your goals are Our goals

  • Improved mindset as we work on all aspects of wellness: Movement, Intake, Sleep, Stress

  • Results that are repeatable and sustainable through learning a new way for life!