If you’re on the fence about signing up for a Restart Seminar, below are 6 reasons why you should sign up!

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1. If a few pounds found their way onto the scale this summer, it’s easier to take them off now rather than later.

The longer you wait, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll go off track and regain some of the weight you already worked so hard to lose! It’s easier to shed the pounds now rather than wait even longer. Remember, the best time to start a diet is NOW.

2. You can save 10% on your food order.

If you attend a Restart Seminar, you can get 10% off your food order! It’s simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Register for a Restart Seminar here.
  2. Send us your food order to info@weigh4life.net by August 31st.
  3. Attend the Seminar!

3. There’s no fee to get restarted.

Your lifetime enrollment fee that you already paid covers you, so it’s free to get restarted.

4. You’re not alone.

Our Restart Seminars are filling up fast for one reason – everyone gained a bit of weight over the summer! Weight gain is our natural state of being so it’s normal to put on a few pounds over the summer at BBQs and pool parties. But the good news is, you’re not alone. We’ll be doing challenges throughout the next few months to help you stay on track and get support from not just your coach, but other dieters as well! We also have a Facebook support group to share recipes, encouragement, and more. Be sure to like our Facebook page for daily encouragement, too.

5. We won’t make you feel guilty.

As we said before, weight gain is our natural state of being, so gaining weight is normal. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice ice cream cone on a hot summer day?! With vacations and parties, it’s easy to get off track, so we understand. We won’t yell at you, make you feel guilty, or embarrass you – we just want to help!

6. The holidays are around the corner.

It might seem like it’s far away, but the holidays are just around the corner. That means holiday parties, big meals, and holiday pictures. Let us help you feel your best and prep for the holiday months to get on the path for lifestyle change.

We can’t wait to see you!

Register for the Hampstead Restart
Register for the Hanover Restart
I have been over weight since 2010 when I gained 45 pounds with my pregnancy. I was never able to lose it and keep it off. I had gotten up to 170lbs at one point and knew I needed to do something. I have tried all the fad diets as well as Atkins and Phentermine. They worked while I was on them but the weight just came back quicker when I stopped. Then I found Ideal Protein through Weigh4life. I liked it because I was not left feeling hungry. I actually loved the foods so much that I looked forward to eating it and I felt amazing!!I ate vegetables that I never tried before and was even scared to try. I got creative with new recipes and came up with a few myself. Weigh4life was amazing. I never once felt embarrassed about my weight. I had a amazing coach Stacey and we developed a friendship and close working relationship. I felt like I could tell her anything. Struggles were no longer struggles, they were milestones to overcome and be proud of. Weigh ins weren’t disappointemnst they were encouraging and a sense of relief. Any questions I had were answered immediately and I could always rely on someone to call me back. Everyone employee there is great and they have all been on the diet too so they know what we as the clients are going through. I have so much more energy now. I look forward ot improving my health and maintaining my new eating habits. The sky is the limit!! Ideal Protein has been life changing for me. I suffer from IBS-D and Celiac Disease. This diet has given me my life back. I feel great while I am on it and most all of my symptoms have gone away since being off the diet. Thanks you Weigh4life for helping to change my life for the better!!!Mandy
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  • Ideal Protein Testimonials