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Workplace Wellness

Healthcare costs around the country are on the rise. Many companies both big and small are searching for solutions to the combination of high costs and employees who struggle with health issues. For every dollar invested in employees, small businesses can see an average return of $6 over the course a year! Additionally, the improvements in workplace attendance, morale, mood and work performance increase as employees feel better and improve their chronic conditions.

Weigh4Life is proud to partner with businesses to help fill in the gap and offer solutions! Our mission remains, help our community Get and Stay healthy while partnering with your team to provide support services that improve the culture of your business. Each employee wellness program can be tailored to your unique needs and can be offered as a full-service solution, a la cart services or simple measuring tools to partner with your existing wellness program! 

  • Education and support through lifestyle coaching in person or virtually

  • Lifestyle wellness coaching for employees looking to improve existing healthy habits

  • Weight loss services for employees seeking to reduce medications resulting from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar

  • Body composition tracking in 3D to monitor progress on their current wellness program

  • Design workplace challenges and incentive programs

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